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Packed with simple, easy-to-follow exercises, our Booty Guide will have you feeling stronger, looking better and training smarter than ever before. Once you will start working out with us you will never look back unless it is at your booty.

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How do I lift, tone, and shape my booty!?

We got you! Here’s what you’ll find in our guide:

  • Full 8-week step by step LIFT&FLOW workout program
  • Secrets to building your ideal booty
  • Complete, easy-to-follow breakdown of each glute-building exercise
  • Illustrations & descriptions of different exercises, so each exercise can be completed confidently and correctly
  • The explanation of the mind-muscle connection
  • Invitation to a supportive community

Booty Guide by Lift & Flow is a detailed guide that focuses on building your glutes with the help of resistance bands. This e-book will guide you through the very best booty-building exercises that are vital to performance, injury prevention, and aesthetics. Packed with simple, easy-to-follow exercises, our Booty Guide will have you feeling stronger, looking better, and training smarter than ever before.

Build Your Glutes with Simple, Targeted Exercises
Getting ideal booty is nice but glutes are much more than just aesthetics. Having healthy glutes is important in maintaining good health in other areas of your body. Doing the exercises from our guide, will deliver you good results and get you the peachy bum you always wanted.

Resistance Bands
It’s essential to own a resistance band if you want to get the most out of this guide. If you do not have one already, you can purchase it here on our website. We would recommend buying the whole set since it allows you the most versatile exercise use, easy switch between different levels of resistance during your workouts, and keeps you ready for your future progress.

Light resistance band (Resistance level: 15 – 20 kg)
Medium resistance band (Resistance level: 20 – 25 kg)
Strong resistance band (Resistance level: 25 – 30 kg)


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